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Phasmophobia Weekly Challenge: Hide and Seek – Extreme

May 27th – June 2nd 2024

Embark on the ultimate ghost hunting adventure with Phasmophobia’s Hide and Seek: Extreme. This weekly challenge is a test of courage and skill for even the most experienced ghost hunters. Set in the favourite of many, Camp Woodwind, your mission is to identify the ghost type three times, armed with limited equipment and your wits.

The Ultimate Test for Ghost Hunters

  • Challenge Overview: Hide and Seek: Extreme
  • Location: Camp Woodwind
  • Goal: Successfully determine the ghost type three times.
  • Multiplier: 1.0x
  • Reward: $5000, 5000XP

Prepare for the Paranormal

  1. Starting Sanity: You begin with zero sanity for an intense experience.
  2. Fuse Box: A little joy with the generator, it starts turned on.
  3. Grace Period: Utilise the one-minute setup time wisely before the ghost starts hunting.
  4. Equipment Provided: A strategic mix of Tier I and II equipment is at your disposal:
    • Essential Tier I Gear:
      • Basic Igniter
      • Protective Head Gear
      • Basic Firelight
      • Standard Flashlight *
      • Motion Sensor
      • Parabolic Microphone
      • Sound Sensor
      • Salt
      • Video Camera
      • Ghost Writing Book
    • Advanced Tier II Tools:
      • Crucifix
      • Ultraviolet Light *
      • EMF Reader
      • Thermometer
      • Photo Camera
      • DOTS Projector
      • Spirit Box
      • Rotational Tripod
  5. * Lighting Challenges: Flashlights and Ultraviolet Lights are non-functional, adding to the challenge.
  6. Ghost Speed: Sorry to say these ghosts are at 150% speed.

Strategies for Ghost Identification

  • Behavioural Clues: Observe unique ghost behaviours to deduce the type:
    • Jinn: Monitor the fuse box status to identify or eliminate the Jinn.
    • Mare: Look for light source interactions to consider the Mare.
    • Wraith: Use Salt strategically to detect or rule out the Wraith.
    • Phantom: Take photos to confirm or dismiss the Phantom. Additionally observe the ghost to see if it is barely visible during hunts.
    • Activity Patterns: Analyse the activity chart for distinctive patterns.
  • Airball Ghost Event: An airball hit signifies ruling out the Oni.
  • Banshee: Listen for a scream with a Parabolic Microphone to detect a Banshee.

Survival Tactics

  • Effective Hiding: Choose strategic hiding spots and minimise noise during hunts. Listen carefully to the speed to rule in or out faster or slower ghosts.


Dare to face the darkness in Phasmophobia’s Hide and Seek: Extreme. With these tips and strategies, you’re ready to conquer the challenge at Camp Woodwind. Remember, knowledge is power in the ghostly realm. Let me know how you get on, and if you need more tips, drop a comment below! Good luck, and happy ghost hunting!


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